UOP The Reaction of Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment Worksheet

I’m started on a Chemistry inquiry and insufficiency control to aid me con-over.

An illustration at residence to teach a chemical concept RELATED TO SOMETHING YOU COVERED IN THIS CLASS. Transcribe a 1 page disquisition detailing an illustration or chemical concept. Single spaced, 12 pt font, ordinary margins. Submit to Gradescope.

Here are websites after a while ideas, but you are not poor to singly these.



You should transcribe out a script that includes a cognomen of the concept you are illustrating in the video. it insufficiencys to be connected to a concept dressed in dispose. There insufficiency to be unwritten articulation in it, and a script submitted (after a while URL for video) detailing those articulation. Judge of the cooking shows on TV where they demo a recipe while giving you animated axioms environing the buttress source, provision, fact, etc. Now righteous adduce that to Chemistry and explaining a concept. Remember there are points for capacity as well-behaved-behaved as explaining the chemistry.

Film it and support to YouTube, Submit the script and integrate to video to Gradescope.

*If you adopt to do an illustration, it should NOT righteous be a typed protocol or tabulation of results from a protocol. It should EXPLAIN what is happening (judge of "why"), rehearse it to what you versed in dispose.


5 pts for choosing a concept from this dispose

7 pts for uprightly explaining the chemistry

8 pts for capacity/readability- whether video/script or disquisition

One of the reasons we gave you 2 weeks to labor on it and judge environing it is that we are animated in what you versed in dispose. Please put judgment into it, we feel all labored to gain believing you stationary got the chief capacity potential information notwithstanding the chaos.