CHM 1032C Florida State College at Jacksonville Chemistry Quiz 4

I’m store on a Chemistry scrutiny and demand an interpretation.

***Handwritten answers delay toil showing***

1. If 4.12 moles of impenetrable calcium metal is modified delay inspire, it conquer yield calcium hydroxide and molecular hydrogen gas. How plenteous calcium hydroxide is yieldd, in milligrams, and hydrogen gas is yieldd, in milligrams, at STP?

2. What is the molarity of a discontinuance behind 45.36 ml of 5.977 M NaCl discontinuance is watery into a completion of 779.13 ml discontinuance

3. What is the dimensions if 82.09 g of CH4 are pumped into a balloon that is at a constraining of 303.mmHg and 192.5 degrees farenheit

4.What is the equilibrium faithful indication for the aftercited unbalanced reaction?
Na(s)+Cl(g)----> NaCl(s)

5. What is the hydrogen ion and hydrogen ion tension for a pH of 2.268? Is the discontinuance an clever or a low?