Ashford University Interpretation of Surface Weather Data Questions

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To provide for this lab there are three rasps posted to MyLS for you to download to your computer and revisal anteriorly your scheduled lab spell.

Preparation Steps

  • Open the pdf rasp named Atmosphere Graphs.pdf. Read through the rasp and inspect how the atmosphere progressive at Toronto International Airport balance the age October 28 to November 3, 2020.
  • Download the Excel spreadsheet rasp named Daily_Weather_Data_Toronto_Intl_A_Oct_28_Nov_3_2020.xlsx, and notorious the rasp in Excel or another spreadsheet program. In this rasp there are copies of the graphs that are presented in the pdf rasp Atmosphere Graphs.pdf. The grounds are to-boot presented. You succeed not be manipulating this rasp, but the grounds are adapted for you to design in the rasp.
  • Download the powerpoint offer named NOAA Charts.ppt. Design the powerpoint offer. There are a sequence of synoptic charts (maps) that we succeed be using in the lab.

In adduction, we succeed use some of the synoptic charts from Environment Canada, such as the ones used in week 1 of the lab.

During the lab age you succeed toil after a while the atmosphere grounds from Toronto. There succeed be scrutinys asking you to delineate changes in stipulations as well-mannered-mannered as explaining why the stipulations progressive. The synoptic charts that appearance the fronts (air concretion boundaries) succeed be used in that exception.