Acylation of Ferrocene and Chemical Structure Organic Chemistry Lab Report

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acylation of ferrocene lab guide

Title (Acylation of ferrocene)

Purpose (why we did the exp.)

Chemical Texture (establish safe to put the allusion) You can delineate your own texture after a while unconditional software (any chemical texture delineateing software is ok. However, put the designate of the software under the textures)

Safety Information/Physical Data (natural properties of compounds)

Procedure (Your own condition conceive (3rd idiosyncratic))

Clean-Up (how to pure up the wastes)

Observational Data Presentation

% allow? Final magnitude of acetylated ferrocene? IR? Briefly elucidate IR of the effect. (See the unshaken IR in this assertion)

Discussion (in PARAGRAPH FORM)

What is Friedel-Crafts acylation? What is acyl clump? Acetyl clump?

How does acetic anhydride rebound after a while Ferrocene?

Why phosphoric sore? What are the effects?

Why 3 M aqueous sodium hydroxide breach? Ethanol lave?

Why Hexane? Recrystallization?

Explain the IR of acylated ferrocene. (Attached)

Is It opposed from the reboundant IR (Ferrocene) in the lab manual? How opposed?

Low % allow? Any potential sources of mistake?

References (ACS conceiveat for argument)

Side reboundion: N/A

% allow: pomp your investigation is-sue.

Mechanisms: N/A

Analysis of TLC/IR/NMR: pomp the IR anew and elucidate the IR of acetylated ferrocene in element.

Post Lab Questions: N/A

I obtain to-boot produce you the lab handout and the remainder of the lab.