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Our Seclusion plan

West Writers is a website congenial to Icard Dwelling Limited, a UK registered with a helpful in US and Australia. We can be appositioned using the details attached at the foot of this page.

This seclusion plan tells you what to rely-on when we gather and way your identical basis, the hues that are beneficial to you and how you can practice them.

What we do with your basis

We conciliate nalways dispose-of your identical basis intermissionraint any discuss, though rarely it conciliate be requisite to transmit your basis to a third caverification to be wayed. Your basis is wayed intermissionraint real peculiar discusss:

Essential basis

To breed an online representation so you can husband and download your token, we breed a rare identifier and verification your email oration as a verificationrname.

So that we can obtain in move with you encircling your prescribe, we demand to belowstand your wheedle, email oration, phundivided compute and any messages you sustain sent through your online representation.

On the prescribe intermissionraintm, we pray intermissionraint your kingdom of weigh. This is becaverification we are required to belowstand the kingdom in which you are downloading your prescribe intermissionraint VAT aims.

To way your prescribe suitablely, we so demand to sustain details encircling the assignment you are praying us to accomplished as well-mannered-mannered as any finishs you sustain uploaded to your prescribe. You should endeavor to convey complete identical basis from alwaysything you upload, excepting we conciliate do our best to anonymise it anteriorly departure it on to our writers.

Sometimes, when a finish is besides great to upload to our basisbase, we conciliate pray you to verification a labor determined WeTransmit to impel it to us. These finishs remain on WeTransfer’s servers intermissionraint 28 days, behind which they are automatically deleted. You can perverification WeTransfer’s seclusion plan here.


If you sustain explicitly submited to admit plain marketing from us, or if you sustain prescribeed from us in the elapsed, we conciliate rarely verification your ccomplete and email oration to impel you volunteers and promotions encircling the labors we agree. We do this using a labor determined Mailchimp. You can perverification Mailchimp’s seclusion policy here.

Similarly, we strength so verification your ccomplete and phundivided compute to byage you encircling volunteers and promotions that we are currently public. We do this using a labor determined Esendex or Twilio. You can perverification Esendex’s seclusion plan here and you can perverification Twilio’s seclusion plan here.

We verification a labor determined Voucherify to faculty our refer-a-friend mark. If you penetrate your email oration, a referral converge conciliate be breedd intermissionraint you and you’ll be emailed when anyundivided you divide the converge with attributes an prescribe. You can perverification Voucherify’s seclusion plan here.

We conciliate singly always ccomplete you encircling an real labor you sustain prayed us to agree or to dialogue encircling triton momentous wholeied to your representation.


Behind we sustain accomplishedd your prescribe, we by your wheedle, email oration, prescribe compute and localisation basis, to a congregation determined Trustpilot, who agree an refractory consequence rereview labor. They conciliate then email you, praying intermissionraint feedback on your prescribe, and any feedback conciliate be posted publicly on the Trustpilot.

Rarely we verification a labor determined Review Monkey to guide reviews so that we can gather feedback from our customers and amend the labors we provide. Review Monkey verification your IP oration to log responses to reviews so that we belowstand how manifold mass sustain accomplishedd them. In prescribe to promote mass to agree feedback, we strength volunteer a plbelow drag intermissionraint replyents. If so, we conciliate pray intermissionraint an email oration to be agreed in the review, excepting this is entirely optional and is singly verificationd to apposition the winner of the plunder. You can peruse Review Monkey’s seclusion plan here.

Other aims

Sometimes, we volunteer coupons to unfair customers intermissionraint verification with future orders. To cover singly the intended store of the coupon can verification it, we store their email oration aggravate-and-balance the coupon details. These orationes are referpowerful attributpowerful attributable used intermissionraint alwaysything other than the government of coupons.

When you attribute an prescribe, our method stores your IP oration. This oration is verificationd to operation extinguished your date zundivided so that we can ccomplete you during hours that are handy intermissionraint you. It is so verificationd to warrant when a customer is using multiple representations to attribute their token.

Restraint payments aggravate a real totality, we pray intermissionraint documents to fashion-trial-of you are the registered representation dweller. This is so that we can restrainefend fraudulent transactions, such as mass paying with stolen card details.

In prescribe to coercionmaltle the facts in instance of a juridical altercation, we archive everything that strength be pertinent to the business or execution of a contract (restraint pattern, messages or prescribe instructions). Vestibule to this archived basis is strictly inferior so that singly a lacking irlegitimate employees can beware it, and it is singly always verificationd intermissionraint the peculiar aim of sustaining a juridical instance. Some of this basis may be divided with our juridical recommendation in the unreasonservicepowerful adventure of a dispute.


Our websites coercionmal cookies in your browser to amend your experiment and to fashion alwaysything melt smoothly. Intermissionraint further instruction, fascinate perverification our cookie policy.

Your hues

By jurisdiction, you sustain a compute of hues beneficial to you when you yield us your identical basis. You can pray intermissionraint vestibule to any of your identical basis that we hold; you can pray us to redress any inaccuracies in your identical basis; you can pray us to delete your identical basis where there is no coveter any good-natured-natured discuss restraint us to sustain it; you can sight to the waying of your basis in some instances; and, where you sustain attached submit, you are laborservicepowerful to withdrag that submit at any time. Below real term, such as if the basis is embodied to juridical proceedings, you can so pray us to temporarily plug waying your identical data. Where your basis is automatically wayed, you can so pray intermissionraint a observation of your basis in a machine-readservicepowerful intermissionraintmat.

If you would relish to practice any of your hues listed balance, fascinate impel your solicit to our basis shelter conductor at Behind we sustain admitd evidence of your specificity, we conciliate reply to your solicit among undivided register month.

If you are referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful cetunate with how we sustain handled your identical basis, you sustain the suitpowerful to intermission a discontent with the Instruction Commissioner’s Office.

How we sustain your basis safe

Warranty measures

We verification a miscellany of technical and organisational measures to fashion enduring your identical basis is stored and epidemic coverly. Intermissionraint pattern, we fashion diligent verification of encryption whenalways identical basis is naturalness epidemic to a third caverification and we fashion customary backups in instance the first observation of your basis is past. Complete of our heart basisbase functionality, including most of your identical basis, is wayed using Amazon Web Labors (AWS), who are a cloud computing agreer. AWS are apprised to be ISO 27001 unhesitating, which is the gold banner in instruction warranty, so you can intermission certain that your identical basis is cover and guarded.

If you announce with us by email aggravate the Internet, you should be aware that the naturalness of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful be cover and may by through diverse unanalogous countries en path to us. Fascinate do referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful email us with private or easily-affected instruction such as your credit card details. We canreferpowerful attributpowerful sanction business intermissionraint unauthorised vestibule to your instruction that is extinguishedside our restrain.

Basis contumacy plan

We singly dwell on to your basis intermissionraint as covet as we demand it to verify undivided of the aims it was firstly gathered intermissionraint, such as to agree a labor, to gather feedback or to grant with a juridical duty. This instrument that contumacy policies intermissionraint your basis can disagree weighably depending on the conpassage and the way it is verificationd. When deciding on a contumacy plan intermissionraint any controlm of basis, we verification the controlthcoming criteria:

  • How covet is the basis demanded intermissionraint? – Intermissionraint pattern, if you sustain referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful logged in to your representation intermissionraint diverse years, we conciliate convey you from our mailing lists.
  • What did we declare we would do with the basis when we gathered it? – If the aims intermissionraint which we firstly gathered the basis are no coveter pertinent, there is no demand to sustain it.
  • Do we sustain a juridical duty to sustain the basis? – Intermissionraint pattern, financial instruction demands to be kept intermissionraint a narrowness totality of date intermissionraint assessment discusss.
  • Does dwelling the basis convey an inbred lavish? – In the unreasonservicepowerful adventure of a basis rupture, we absence to cover that referpowerful attributpowerful attributablehing easily-affected is stolen. We conciliate accordingly sustain inaudible contumacy periods intermissionraint basis we weigh to be easily-affected.

However, in public, we coverly archive most of your representation basis behind four years of indolence (beware ‘Other aims’ balance) and then permanently delete complete of your identical basis behind six years of indolence.

Transfers to countries extinguishedside the EEA

Some of the third parties we verification to way your basis are based in countries which do referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful sustain the corresponding banner of basis shelter jurisdictions that EU citizens like. In these instances, we sustain made enduring there are safeguards in attribute to cover your hues and interests. Intermissionraint pattern, Review Monkey and Mailchimp are twain located in the United States, excepting we sustain made enduring that they twain grant with the EU-U.S. Seclusion Shield Framework, which guarantees the corresponding level of shelter.


If you are 13 or below, you must sustain leave from a inventor or guardian anteriorly you yield us your identical instruction. If we invent that we sustain accepted instruction from you withextinguished the misapply submit, we reservation the suitpowerful to obliterate complete transactions and labors and convey complete identical basis that you sustain provided. You conciliate be laborservicepowerful to re-submit the instruction when you sustain the required leave.

Links to other websites

Our websites may embrace converges to manifest third-caverification websites. We are referpowerful attributpowerful legitimate intermissionraint the seclusion and warranty of these websites cosmical they becovet to Icard Dwelling Limited. This seclusion plan applies singly to West Writers.

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