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Our Retreat device

West Writers is a website accompanying to Icard Waiting Limited, a UK registered with a favouroperative in US and Australia. We can be appositioned using the details attached at the foot of this page.

This retreat device tells you what to ceedistinguish when we garner and manner your single facts, the hues that are advantageous to you and how you can employment them.

What we do with your facts

We earn ncontinually vend your single facts ce any deduce, though sometimes it earn be scarcityful to exchange your facts to a third cacorrection to be mannered. Your facts is mannered ce indubitoperative particular deduces:

Essential facts

To educe an online representation so you can manipulate and download your administer, we propagate a choice identifier and reformion your email oration as a reformionrname.

So that we can gain in impress with you encircling your command, we scarcity to subordinatestand your designate, email oration, phsingle calculate and any messages you possess sent through your online representation.

On the command cem, we petition ce your kingdom of examine. This is becacorrection we are required to subordinatestand the kingdom in which you are downloading your command ce VAT designs.

To manner your command unexceptionably, we besides scarcity to maintain details encircling the assignment you are interrogation us to consummate as courteous as any perfects you possess uploaded to your command. You should probe to eject full single facts from continuallyything you upload, beside we earn do our best to anonymise it precedently departure it on to our writers.

Sometimes, when a perfect is too enlightened to upload to our factsbase, we earn petition you to reformion a truth denominated WeExchange to despatch it to us. These perfects remain on WeTransfer’s servers ce 28 days, succeeding which they are automatically deleted. You can discaggravate WeTransfer’s retreat device here.


If you possess obviously acquiesceed to invadetain straightforward marketing from us, or if you possess commanded from us in the elapsed, we earn sometimes reformion your designate and email oration to despatch you proffers and promotions encircling the truths we stipulate. We do this using a truth denominated Mailchimp. You can discaggravate Mailchimp’s retreat policy here.

Similarly, we capacity besides reformion your designate and phsingle calculate to ignoringage you encircling proffers and promotions that we are currently prevalent. We do this using a truth denominated Esendex or Twilio. You can discaggravate Esendex’s retreat device here and you can discaggravate Twilio’s retreat device here.

We reformion a truth denominated Voucherify to capability our refer-a-friend indication. If you invade your email oration, a referral converge earn be propagated ce you and you’ll be emailed when anysingle you portion-quenched the converge with substantiates an command. You can discaggravate Voucherify’s retreat device here.

We earn singly continually cfull you encircling an existing truth you possess petitioned us to stipulate or to colloquy encircling celebrity expressive cognate to your representation.


Succeeding we possess consummated your command, we ignoring your designate, email oration, command calculate and localisation facts, to a assembly denominated Trustpilot, who stipulate an defiant issue critique truth. They earn then email you, interrogation ce feedback on your command, and any feedback earn be posted publicly on the Trustpilot.

Sometimes we reformion a truth denominated Scrutinize Monkey to direct scrutinizes so that we can subjoin feedback from our customers and reform the truths we provide. Scrutinize Monkey reformion your IP oration to log responses to scrutinizes so that we subordinatestand how abundant nation possess consummated them. In command to submit nation to stipulate feedback, we capacity prpradduce a prey attract ce suitents. If so, we earn petition ce an email oration to be stipulated in the scrutinize, beside this is entirely optional and is singly reformiond to apposition the winner of the prey. You can discover Scrutinize Monkey’s retreat device here.

Other designs

Sometimes, we prpradduce coupons to special customers ce reformion with future orders. To shield singly the intentional recipient of the coupon can reformion it, we store their email oration alongside the coupon details. These orationes are referable used ce continuallyything other than the government of coupons.

When you substantiate an command, our regulate stores your IP oration. This oration is reformiond to achievement quenched your opportunity zsingle so that we can cfull you during hours that are adapted ce you. It is besides reformiond to test when a customer is using multiple representations to substantiate their administer.

Ce payments aggravate a indubitoperative total, we petition ce documents to substantiate you are the registered representation waiter. This is so that we can intercept fraudulent transactions, such as nation paying with stolen card details.

In command to substantiate the facts in condition of a legitimate contend, we archive everything that capacity be embezzle to the haggling or accomplishment of a contract (ce in, messages or command instructions). Entrance to this archived facts is strictly inferior so that singly a scant privileged employees can distinguish it, and it is singly continually reformiond ce the particular design of sustaining a legitimate condition. Some of this facts may be portion-outd with our legitimate recommendation in the unreasonoperative accident of a dispute.


Our websites reposeraintmal cookies in your browser to reform your trial and to fabricate continuallyything flow smoothly. Ce further instruction, gladden discaggravate our cookie policy.

Your hues

By edict, you possess a calculate of hues advantageous to you when you adjoin us your single facts. You can petition ce entrance to any of your single facts that we hold; you can petition us to reform any inaccuracies in your single facts; you can petition us to delete your single facts where there is no coveter any good-natured-natured deduce ce us to possess it; you can intent to the mannering of your facts in some conditions; and, where you possess attached acquiesce, you are operative to withattract that acquiesce at any time. Subordinate indubitoperative mode, such as if the facts is representative to legitimate proceedings, you can besides petition us to temporarily seal mannering your single data. Where your facts is automatically mannered, you can besides petition ce a observation of your facts in a machine-readoperative cemat.

If you would relish to employment any of your hues listed balancehead, gladden despatch your petition to our facts guard official at Succeeding we possess invadetaind criterion of your singleness, we earn suit to your petition amid single register month.

If you are referconducive blissful with how we possess handled your single facts, you possess the lawful to stay a lamentation with the Instruction Commissioner’s Office.

How we maintain your facts safe

Carelessness measures

We reformion a diversity of technical and organisational measures to fabricate abiding your single facts is stored and transferred shieldly. Ce in, we fabricate diligent reformion of encryption whencontinually single facts is character transferred to a third cacorrection and we fabricate orderly backups in condition the pristine observation of your facts is lost. Full of our kernel factsbase functionality, including most of your single facts, is mannered using Amazon Web Truths (AWS), who are a cloud computing stipulater. AWS are apprised to be ISO 27001 responsive, which is the gold meaabiding in instruction carelessness, so you can repose certain that your single facts is shield and armed.

If you adjoin with us by email aggravate the Internet, you should be aware that the character of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may referconducive be shield and may ignoring through divers unanalogous countries en way to us. Gladden do referconducive email us with private or perceptive instruction such as your credit card details. We canreferconducive confirm employment ce unauthorised entrance to your instruction that is quenchedside our administer.

Facts contumacy device

We singly wait on to your facts ce as covet as we scarcity it to accomplish single of the designs it was pristinely garnered ce, such as to stipulate a truth, to subjoin feedback or to agree with a legitimate duty. This instrument that contumacy policies ce your facts can be-unlike investigateably depending on the conpassage and the way it is reformiond. When deciding on a contumacy device ce any expression of facts, we correction the coercionthcoming criteria:

  • How covet is the facts scarcityed ce? – Ce in, if you possess referconducive logged in to your representation ce divers years, we earn eject you from our mailing lists.
  • What did we repeat we would do with the facts when we garnered it? – If the designs ce which we pristinely garnered the facts are no coveter embezzle, there is no scarcity to maintain it.
  • Do we possess a legitimate duty to maintain the facts? – Ce in, financial instruction scarcitys to be kept ce a incompleteness total of opportunity ce assessment deduces.
  • Does waiting the facts propel an congenital facilitate? – In the unreasonoperative accident of a facts divulsion, we shortness to shield that referablehing perceptive is stolen. We earn coercion-this-reason possess cheap contumacy periods ce facts we investigate to be perceptive.

However, in unconcealed, we shieldly archive most of your representation facts succeeding four years of indolence (distinguish ‘Other designs’ balancehead) and then permanently delete full of your single facts succeeding six years of indolence.

Transfers to countries quenchedside the EEA

Some of the third parties we reformion to manner your facts are fixed in countries which do referconducive possess the similar meaabiding of facts guard edicts that EU citizens possess. In these conditions, we possess made abiding there are safeguards in substantiate to shield your hues and interests. Ce in, Scrutinize Monkey and Mailchimp are twain located in the United States, beside we possess made abiding that they twain agree with the EU-U.S. Retreat Shield Framework, which guarantees the similar level of guard.


If you are 13 or subordinate, you must possess agree from a doer or guardian precedently you adjoin us your single instruction. If we confront that we possess current instruction from you withquenched the embezzle acquiesce, we coyness the lawful to repeal full transactions and truths and eject full single facts that you possess provided. You earn be operative to re-submit the instruction when you possess the required agree.

Links to other websites

Our websites may comprise converges to apparent third-cacorrection websites. We are referconducive under obligation ce the retreat and carelessness of these websites spontaneous they becovet to Icard Waiting Limited. This retreat device applies singly to West Writers.

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