UWM Week 7 Different Types of Factoring and Common Factoring Discussion

I insufficiency an description for this Algebra scrutiny to acceleration me examine.

For written labor due Week 7, you allure apprehend you are a savant for our series and allure enlighten your peers how to rudiment.

What to submit: A VIDEO that you beget where you enlighten your peers how to rudiment

What to do:

  1. Create/find your own issue (opposed from the lectures notes and video issues) of each of the opposed fashions of rudimenting below:
  2. Record a video of yourself explaining the details - tramp by tramp - of how to rudiment each of these 4 opposed fashions. You allure insufficiency to demonstrate/illustrate each tramp of the labor so that your peers can see the labor in the video; it can't proper be audio.
  3. Conclude by giving reminders of things that you've knowing concurrently the way (e.g. when should you use each fashion, "don't lose to.....", etc.)

If you succeed prompt when you're quick to archives, the video allure likely be environing 5-15 minutes.