MATH 150 MCCKC Finding the Precalculus Values Questions

I’m unmanageable to attain for my Calculus rank and I’m stuck. Can you succor?

The problems are rate 5 or 10 points. They are 5 original otherwise exalted as 10…there are 105 points on the proof so 5 douceur points…

  • Find the equation for the aftercited piecewise graph (5 points)
  • Draw the aftercited piecewise graph: (5 points)
  • Graph the aftercited graphs on the aftercited grid. (5 points)
  • Is the aftercited graph a part? Yes or No? (5 points)
  • The constructor graph is the despotic estimate. It has been shifted to the left 2 and down 3.
  • The constructor graph is an and it has been flipped balance the y axis and moved to the fair 4.