MATH 144 Grand Canyon University Unit Conversions Algebra Discussion

I’m hard to examine for my Algebra succession and I scarcity some aid to perceive this scrutiny.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the balance summit of an American male is 69.3 inches and the balance summit of an American womanly is 63.8 inches. The measure deflexion for twain genders is 2.7 inches.

  • According to Chebyshev’s Theorem 75% of the postulates for your gender lies among what two summits?
  • If summit is antecedent to be regular, what percentage of the postulates lies among those similar two summits?

Look in the Guided Worksheets on page 49 for over notification.

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is required for this DQ. Chapter from bulk established

Note from Professor:

Dear class,

1. Read model 13 on page 03-25 to resurvey z charges and SD.

2. Read model 14 on page 03-30 to inferior the SD of a regular dispensation.

3. Confront page 49 in the guided worksheets inferior the Succession Materials to perceive "Chebyschev’s Theorem." : For any postulates set at smallest 75% of the postulates values are amid 2 measure deflexions of the balance and at smallest 89% are amid 3 SD’s. Use this notification to acceptance the chief allot of this DQ question. (attached)

4.For the relieve allot of DQ, use the graph on the top of the page 49 in guided worksheets to confront the percentages.

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