EGR 270 Grossmont College District Multiplexers Simulation Lab Report

I’m studying and insufficiency acceleration after a while a Algebra investigation to acceleration me glean.


In this lab, we gain be using what we've gleaned encircling multiplexers to instrument a basic straight business, f(x) = 4x+1, where x is a 2-bit binary sum. Our project specifications specify that we must project the circumference for this business using indelicate 2-1 MUXs. How the heck are we going to do THAT!?


Part 1 - Complete the Faithfulness Consideration for the Straight Function

  1. Using the spreadsheet software of your cherished (or hand-written is nice), compose the faithfulness consideration for f(x) = 4x+1. Catch your spreadsheet and embrace after a while your lab inferiority. Use the consideration adown to acceleration get you started:
x1x0Decimal Equiv of xDecimal Equiv of fBinary Equiv of f
000f = 4*0 + 1 = 101

Part 2 - Pull the Circumference in Multisim

  1. Since our project requirements specify that we must use a bank of indelicate 2-1 MUXs, we must foremost project circumferencery for the 2-1 MUX. If insufficiencyed, re-watch the video on how to pull the logic circumference for the 2-1 MUX, then pull it in Multisim.
  2. Once you own one 2-1 MUX, construct three copies and mention what values should be alike to the postulates and chosen lines of each multiplexer in arrange to allure the misapply output.
  3. Simulate your circumference and catch a portraiture of your schematic showing the certainty for the input predicament x = 2.

Part 3 - Lab Report

  1. Download, superintend or accept pictures of pretended circumference and faithfulness consideration
  2. Compile all images using the promise processing program of your cherished and comply via Canvas as lab5yourname.pdf. Thanks and let me apprehend if you own any investigations!