BUS 499 SU Wk 3 Strategic Management & Competitiveness Business Administration Capstone

I scarcity aid delay a Business scrutiny. All explanations and answers conquer be used to aid me gather.

Choose one exoteric fortification in an perseverance delay which you are affable. Research the congregation on its own website, the exoteric filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission's Filings & Forms page, the Lexis Advance database, and any other sources you can perceive. The annual recital conquer frequently produce insights that can aid harangue some of these scrutinys.


Write a 4–6 page brochure in which you harangue the following:

  • Assess how globalization and technology changes own impacted the fortification you researched.
  • Apply the industrial form standard and the resource-based standard to detail how your fortification could win above-average returns.
  • Assess how the vision assertion and sidearm assertion of the fortification wave its overall good-fortune.
  • Evaluate how each predicament of stakeholder impacts the overall good-fortune of this fortification.