WSU English Composition Interpreting Bias Social Media Friend or Foe Article Essay

I’m considering for my Agreement adjust and don’t conceive how to apology this. Can you aid me consider?

Writing Assignment

Write a multi-chapter essay that catchs a aspect to Kara Woodridge’s blog boundary, “Social Media: Chum or Foe?” For this agreement assignment, your response should be modest, reflective, and specific, pretexting multitudinous summits that aid the similar subject. Logical testimony that backs up your judgment should be used throughout.

Your essay should palpably illustrate your estimate on whether or not gregarious resources is a chum or foe and why you affect this way. The leading chapter allure prproffer an animated gate of the gregarious resources subject and your catch on it. The forthcoming three chapters scarcity to apprehend: deep summits that expand your assertions, testimony to aid them, and separation illustrateing how the testimony aids the deep summit. Each chapter should bear a subject passage that palpably states your summit and details to aid/prove this summit. You should bear transitions among chapters that pretext why each summit appears in this classify. At the end of your enucleateed chapter, you should apprehend a latest comment that gives a latest animated cogitation on your subject. A grading rubric allure aid you expand your tractate.


Your essay allure be graded using five unconnected categories: Purpose, Thesis Statement, Supporting Ideas, Chapter Development, and Grammar & Punctuation. Each of these five items allure be rated as Proficient, Developing, or Needs Improvement.

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