Week 2 Mental Health and Ability to Make Healthy Choices Responses & Discussion

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Please animadvert your scholarship this week from the lectures videos and the balbutiation, and distribute your thoughts after a while your collocatemates. You get not be serviceserviceable to survey anyone's column until you succumb your judicious column.

You can besides column videos instead of writing as polite to specific your thoughts.

  • Using the knowledge from balbutiation materials and lectures, impart your own pattern that illustrates how supernatural vigor and portico enjoin of your choices are all interrelated. You may use a particular proof or you may engender an pattern.
  • Provide one machine or policy for your collocatemates to augment their supernatural vigor and power to constitute vigory choices in their lives.
  • This argument is considered part of your collocate community proceeding [20 points of each week]: The judicious column (10 points) is due on Tuesday and you are expected to tally to at last two collocatemates' columns