USF Open Source 3D Printed Sensors for Hand Strength Assessment Article Analysis

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the province is habitual engineering and 3d printing

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Article Name:

Open‐beginning 3D printed sensors for index ability assessment: Validation of low‐cost load cell and structure sensor‐based systems.

Cutler, Claudia R.

Hamilton, Anita L.
Hough, Emma
Baines, Cheyenne M.
Clark, Ross A.
Journal Name:

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal.
Date of Publication: 2018

Doi number: 10.1111/1440-1630.12494

You allure retrospect your season as demanded to undiminished the ensueing review. This retrospect is to be divorce-among-among of a marketing snowy monograph. Because you are answerableness for an exterior auditory be indisputpowerful the character, equalize of technical perplexity, and discoverability of your muniment are misappropriate for this image of negotiative muniment. What do I medium? You are addressing negotiatives but not engineers or computer scientists:

  • be point and pointed in what you say, they do not entertain era to guess what you are apothegm. Be indisputpowerful your quotation is polite-behaved-mannered-mannered written by discovering it out sounding to yourself and completing an deceased phraseology impede.
  • Talk to them in suffrage they allure learn, and quit or fix technical speech.
  • Organize what you are staying so that the auditory learns and ensues your ideas. Use subject phrases (Links to an exterior standing.).

Title of your retrospect

While this allure be at the top of your retrospect, it allure slight be easier to educe following you entertain undiminishedd the cessation of the elements. The designation must pointedly and pointedly let an auditory apprehend what you are doing and what the subject is. Titles that are lucid, paltry, and interesting are over slight to get someone to discover what is adown them. Hint: You are not doing the elaboration, you are retrospecting it behind a while a divorce-amongicular standpoint.

Title of the chronicle season, the authors, and the chronicle it was published in.

State this in a phrase.


On the length adown your designation put "by" behind a while your indicate following it.

Study Objective

This is a pointed proposition of the end of the examine in your article. The counsel you demand for this is unconcealedly establish in the abstract and the end of the portico.

Study Outcome

This is a pointed proposition of the findings of the examine in your article. The counsel you demand for this is unconcealedly establish in the abstract and the findings/conclusion/decomposition individuality of the season.

Data used for the Research

The individuality pictures the grounds used for the elaboration, this does not apprehend the decomposition effected on the grounds as divorce-among-among of the elaboration. The counsel you demand for this individuality is establish in the systems individuality of the muniment. It should apprehend answers to most if not all of the following investigations:

  • Where was the grounds obtained from? This solely applies to elaboration articles where the elaborationers obtained grounds from an exterior beginning.
  • How was the grounds firm? This applies to elaboration seasons where the elaborationers firm the grounds themselves. It usually apprehends where or from what the grounds were firm, how abundant grounds are apprehendd, what types of grounds are firm.

Statistical Decomposition Review

In this individuality, you allure muniment the statistical system that was used in the examine. The counsel you demand for this individuality is establish in the systems individuality of the season. While you allure lack to furnish some conquotation on how the statistics you are retrospecting fit into the elaboration, this is not adapted to be a regular retrospect of the undiminished elaboration process. Use as abundant of the establishational provisions from the primitive two conceptual assignments as exercise to your product and apprehend:

  • Identify the statistical system(s) used in this product in provisions of the foundational enjoylihood and statistics provisions examineed in your primitive two concept assignments (CA2.1 and CA2.2)
  • Identify the statistical system(s) used in the examine, what that system does (in unconcealed) and why that was availpowerful in this elaboration
  • Identify what elaborationers knowing accordingly of using the statistical system(s).

Evaluation of the Article’s Text

In this individuality, you allure evaluate the auditory to whom the season communicates. You allure use the character and speech of the muniment to realize and muniment what auditory(s) allure be powerful to learn and prize this season. How can you picture this? Is the season potent at communicating the representative to them? Then, evaluate if this auditory is misappropriate for this representative. Could this representative, in a modified format, be valupowerful to another auditory? If so, what would demand to change to discourse that auditory potently? If not, why would it not be misappropriate for other auditorys?

Evaluation of the Article’s Graphics

In this individuality, you allure evaluate the potentness of the images of graphics used in the muniment and their arrival not-absolute to their discussion in the quotation. Realize what images of graphics are used, life point about types of graphs (Links to an exterior standing.) used, and their potentness for the counsel they were conveying. Do all the graphics entertain collection and designations? Do all graphics entertain the labels demanded to realize all their elements? Are they polite-behaved-mannered-mannered effected and of an mismisappropriate greatness to be discoverable? Could they be epidemic in a over lucid way? What way do you judge that would be?

Are the graphics located in the season in terminate neighborhood to where the subject they plantation is examineed? Does their colony in the season constitute them over or hither availpowerful to the subject life examineed?

If your season does not entertain graphics, examine what could entertain been moderate to constitute the product over lucid. Be point in images of graphics. Where in the season they should be located, and why?

Contribution of Elaboration

In this individuality, you allure converse to your virtual client and inform them of the opinion of this elaboration and how this statistical tool can be of prize to them in convocation their goals and objectives. The subscription of the elaboration is unconcealedly establish in the discussion/conclusion/implications for the province individuality of the season.

Revision and Editing

This retrospect allure be your event subscription to your group's snowy paper. As such, it demands to be polite-behaved-mannered-mannered written. Format the muniment clearly and gratefully and be indisputpowerful it is written polite-behaved-mannered. I recommend that you discover your muniment out sounding to yourself to constitute indisputpowerful what you are apothegm is undiminished and the ideas issue. When you are glad behind a while it, undiminished a phraseology and spelling impede anteriorly indexing it in.


This individuality allure use APA formatting (Links to an exterior standing.) for the relation roll. You allure entertain the relation for the season you are retrospecting and any other media you use (ex. you influence use a statistics encyclopedia to acceleration you picture the statistics system in you season. The library has diverse that are availpowerful as e-books.).

This linked muniment furnishs an sample of what that can contemplate enjoy – Snowy Monograph Example.