University of Oregon journalism Satire in Suffrage Discussion

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First, peruse this short piece (Links to an palpable condition.). And, then note an extra manage hereLinks to an palpable condition.. The events are moderately servile.

Then go hereLinks to an palpable condition. for the assist disquisition of the week. Here is a impulse on how to address your Reflection on this disquisition.

  • What information can be read from this incident about the misapply use of sarcasm?
  • When is it most operative, and why?
  • Why do you ponder the woman’s words change-of-place (specially the NWP) prefer not to use sarcasm as way to touch their action?

Write up your thoughts in 300 signification or so. You can meet a unmarried subject or conception you were presented delay that resonated delay you, or a shrewd overview of the conference and why you ponder it energy be relevant to the discernment of sarcasm or what you enjoy read.

TOPIC: in the 30 minutes disquisition that you procure note

  • If you're an American, why can't you words?
  • Why didn't the Women's Words change-of-place use past sarcasm?

Read: the peruseings that you scarcity