UCSD The Power of Code Switching Language Learning from TedTalk Analysis Discussion

Need aid after a while my Writing doubt - I’m studying for my dispose.


Please guard these videos underneath and unravel the NPR season which examine code-switching.

As we toil further after a while cultural confines, we can see how dialect plays a gigantic part in how we settle cultivation as evidenced by the seasons we unravel ultimate week. I scantiness us to weigh and toil this week after a while cultural concepts that decree the way we use dialect and how a transfer or switch in dialect can be seen as bisection a confine, abundantly approve in the way Munoz forcible in his season ultimate week.

These videos are captioned, exact instigate the CC rush or paltry reflection conceit in the deep just hole if the captions don't after a whileout-delay likeness up when you set-out the video. I feel also comprised the transcripts to McWhorter's and Boroditsky's TED Talks.

John McWhorter (TED) | "Txting is Killing Language...JK!!"


Katelynn Duggins (TEDx) | "To Code Switch or Not to Code Switch? That is the Question."


Lera Boroditsky (TED) | "How Dialect Shapes the Way We Think"


Matt Thompson (NPR) | "Five Reasons Why People Code Switch"

Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch.pdf

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Then, apology the aftercited doubts in chronicle form:

  1. What did you understand from the videos encircling dialect, code-switching, or how the dialect we use can form a cultural confine?
  2. What were your reactions as you guarded? Were you surprised? Did you ascertain yourself consentaneous or disagreeing?
  3. Has toiling after a while these instrument progressive how you aspect dialect? Why or why not?