UCSD The Cultural Power of Food and Dance Discussion

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  • For our video discourse this week, I deficiency us to wake two videos centered on two of what I judge are the biggest talents of someone's amelioration: maintenance and wanton. The highest video is a concise film (PBS Concise Film Festival) unshaken "Sweetheart Dancers" nucleusing on "Sean and Adrian, a Two-Spirit foreigner unshaken to rewrite the rules of Native American amelioration through their deal-outnership in the “Sweetheart Dance.” This celebratory controvert is held at powwows resisting the dominion largely for men and women foreigners, until now" (PBS). The succor video for this discourse this week is from PBS as well-mannered, this space a deal-out of the Say It Loud series. This video nucleuses on Soul Food: "As our amelioration evolves so does our maintenance. What was uninterruptedly eaten out of want has befit celebratory, all the conjuncture entity the subject of firm controvert. Evelyn & Hallease prove the new and luxuriant ways our progeny is honoring and preserving our eatable gone-by conjuncture staying cognizant of our dietary future" (PBS). After wakeing the subjoined the two videos, content repartee the subjoined inquirys:
    1. Think environing your own cultural touchstones. What description of wanton or maintenance traditions do you deal-outicipate in as deal-out of your amelioration? (You can nucleus on the amelioration of normal your source unit/what your source does or more as amelioration as deal-out of a larger collection.)
    2. What is your jewel deal-out of your amelioration for you? (This can be environing maintenance, wanton, diction, holidays, drapery, hairstyles, etc.)
    3. What was your biggest takeaway or AHA trice from "Sweetheart Dancers"?
    4. What was your biggest takeaway or AHA trice from "Should We Keep Eating Soul Food?"
    5. How has wakeing these two videos transitional your views or ideas environing amelioration and cultural borders? Do you now judge apart environing how maintenance and wanton impacts someone's amelioration?
    "Sweetheart Dancers"
  • [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUryZDWD6V4[/embed]
  • "Should We Keep Eating Soul Food?"

  • [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3sht6L10S4[/embed]
  • Requirements:
    • Your primal solution should be 150-300 expression per inquiry.