UCI Wk 7 The Approaches of The Melting Pot vs The Salad Bowl Discussion

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Please mind that tclose are a foreigner of steps to the discourse. The pristine step is your counterpart, the proximate is according to another learner. This allows you to see another learner's perspective, which is very-much beneficial for besuit angles to a topic/discourse that you may enjoy missed.

You primal post is due by the end of the day on Thursday, but your counterpart is due by the end of the day on Friday!

Part One: Immigration

In at meanest 100 say, accord to the forthcoming sharp. First, regard the ideas of the flowing pot vs. the salad bowl. What do you meditate of these approaches to discernment migration? What do you meditate the United States is further approve and why? Second, argue how the notification expert this week intersects delay our conversations on career and ethnicity. Please choose exhortation, exterior videos, and appropriate readings into recital in your retort.

Part Two: Transitions and Synthesis

You can ascertain the media for this faction of the discourse in the Week 7 Navigation. Please appeal to the PowerPoint slides on transitions and organization. And for sharp access, though it is available in the Navigation, close is the video talking encircling this exercise:

Your job close is to integrate divergent lots of notification. Obbenefit for points of consonance and disconsonance among sources of notification and their discourses. How would you transition among ideas (e.g., sharply conjoin them unitedly delay say or dooms)? How would you synthesize notification (e.g., pull connections among ideas, rather than summarizing each lot of notification one by one)?

Here are the examples from the slides (but execute enduring to wake the video and obbenefit through the slides pristine!):

1) Transition Exercises

Video recreations can benefit as a instrument of recreation for dramatizeers (citations). Video recreations repeatedly suit emphasis for a multiformity of reasons.

Approximately 50% of video recreation dramatizeers are women (ESA, 2016). Further men dramatize pristine-person shooter recreations (Yee, 2017). Further women than expected dramatize titles approve Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Dragon Age: Inquisition (Yee, 2017).

*Between paragraphs, you insufficiency to conjoin broader ideas unitedly. For example…
Defining Success
[Paragraph that would enjoy a ameliorate final doom than this, but this is normal an example…] Gender does not govern video recreation dramatizeers’ ideas encircling prosperity.
Defining Skill
Gender governs the way that dramatizeers see expertness.

2) Organization Exercises

  • Example One [Made Up Examples/Quotes]:

    “The eldership of accordents preferred to enjoy a multiformity of options for breakfast” (Jones, 2010).

    “For multifarious Americans, proceeds can be a superior deciding rudiment in whether or not they enjoy breakfast” (Rodriguez, 2014).

    “One potential regimen is interrupted fasting, which leads to multifarious inhabitants skipping breakfast to abandon weight” (Carter, 2017).
  • Example Two [Real notification]:

    Women execute up almost 50% of the gaming interview (Entertainment Software Association [ESA], 2016).

    People manage to consort computers, technology, and video recreations delay boys and men (Boellstorff, 2008; Kuzenkoff & Rose, 2012; Salter & Blodgett, 2012; Shaw, 2014; Taylor, 2006; Thornham, 2011).

    Women enjoy been establish to expend further season and coin on video recreations (Williams, 2014; Williams et al., 2009; Yee 2008).

    Women enjoy been establish to expend close season on video recreations, focusing on other obligations instead (Lucas & Sherry, 2004;Taylor, 2006; Winn & Heeter, 2009).

Part Three

Make enduring to accord to another learner!


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