UC Berkeley Research Conducted by Craig and Richeson Discussion

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Journal Responsive 2

In this chronicle repartee, I'd affect you to summarize how the educe you peruse from Craig & Richeson (2014) recount to perceiveings presented in the Pew Research Center description on Pursuit in America. What are some nucleus take-home points you gleaned from the grounds in the grounds description and how does the study critique from Craig & Richeson aid decipher some of the perceiveings?


  • The Pew Research Center description points to lots of statistics and grounds points. The responsive is not investigation for you to re-state the grounds points. Rather, it's investigation you to purpose encircling the nucleus intimation rearwards the grounds points. Peruse the description primitive, and then consider on what's the fiction that the grounds points narrate encircling pursuit in America?
  • When peruseing the Craig & Richeson fragment, purpose encircling what scrutiny the researchers are arduous to retort. Purpose encircling what they perceive and how that jurisdiction decipher some of the attitudes presented in the Pew Research Center description. Going through this conceit employment accomplish aid you in retorting the scrutiny.



Please consider on the assigned peruseings this week. How do you see pursuit kinsfolk today, and what do you purpose can aid us conclude meliorate pursuit kinsfolk in this dominion? How do you see the advenient of pursuit kinsfolk?


  • You should support two repartees that are each 50-100 opinion in length:
    • Post 1 should reply to the responsive overhead and should be supported by Thursday, October 15 @ 11:59 PM
    • Post 2 should criticise on a peer's support and should be supported by Saturday, October 17 @ 11:59 PM

The view of tabulateroom argument is to enjoy an unreserved and challenging environment to change cognizance and a multiplicity of opinions. Please be reverential of other students when you distribute your opinions. Posts MUST be loose of name-calling and obscenities.