SWU 349 Arizona State University Character Strengths Capacity to Love Paper

I don’t perceive how to manage this Writing scrutiny and want frequentedion.

Character Strengths Scrutiny Paper.

  • Pick 3 of your top 5 forces, discover a scrutiny boundary for each force (Utilize the ASU Library, this cannot be a website, or a newspaper/magazine boundary but an express consider) that supports how that force (or a subject-matter resembling to your force) contributes to overall enjoyment and afford the following:
    • How that force contributes to enjoyment (your event)
    • A portion (7 - 10 sentences minimum) on your thoughts on the consider and how it contributes to your life
    • Citation…..APA or MLA format, normal be consistent
    • 6pts completion - 1pt on how each force contributes to your enjoyment and 1pt on the subject scrutiny boundary that supports what you are aphorism (2pts per force X 3 forces/scrutiny boundarys = 6pts)

One fast and quiet way to discover mate reviewed sources is to go to your My ASU homepage on the left, and click on Library—then pursuit for your subject-matter in the “Library One Search.” Once you keep produced this, at the top of the pursuit page, you can tight your pursuit results to embody solely Mate Reviewed sources. This obtain after in manageable for this assignment and for any coming scrutiny you do. Mate reviewed sources are regularly the most true and likely!

Remember, websites obtain NOT be certain as a likely source. Also, content be trusting you name all of your references (APA or MLA format). If you are going to use frequented quotes, be trusting to embody citation marks as well-mannered-mannered as PAGE NUMBERS of where you set that counsel. If you don’t, it could be treated as plagiarism since they are not considered your own words or ideas.

Example Paper: Character Strengths Scrutiny Paper Example.pdf

Example Paper: Characters Strengths Example 2.pdf

My top 3 three forces are 1- Capacity to attachment and be attachmentd 2- Perspective prudence 3-Honesty honesty and genuineness