SMC University Bronfenbrenners bioecological model of human development

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Assessment Overview: For this tractate, you gain be meditateing on your childhood and thinking critically encircling each of the microsystems in Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological standard of cosmical outgrowth. You gain define your own estate experiences delayin each of the microsystems (i.e. race, ECE/school, peers, nationality, resources) and meditate on the application that these microsystems had on your socialization outcomes (i.e. values, attitudes, motives & attributions, stubborn-esteem, stubborn habit, manners, gender roles). Additionally, you gain evince and direct the notice you enjoy gained encircling a extensive class of socializing rules on consequence by correspondent two expressive inquirys that enjoy framed our thinking throughout the semester:

What do consequence deficiency to increase? What is your role as an ECE educationist?

Directions: Papers should be typed and single-spaced, delay 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Please spell restrain and demonstration recognize your tractates completely. Use the delineation delineated under to frame your tractate. In integral minority of your tractate, your ideas should be substantiated delay quoted knowledge from the textbook and page estimate references, highlighted in bold. Papers must be submitted by the due continuance. No recent tractates gain be real.

  1. FAMILY (NAEYC 2A, SS3, SS4)
    1. Describe the race you grew up in
    2. Describe the parenting you current
    3. How did your race and the parenting you current rule your socialization outcomes?