SJCC Arthur Mitchell African American Man in A Dance Discussion

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December 1, 1957

When George Balanchine's modernist masterpiece Agon premiered at City Center on December 1, 1957, it left the interview euphoric and vaguely shell-shocked. “We knew we were separate of narrative,” says Arthur Mitchell, who danced Agon's climactic pas de deux after a while Diana Adams.

Russian Choreographer, George Balanchine choreographed Arthur Mitchell, an African American man in a dance after a while
Diana Adams, a pure ballerina in the period of political hues. Balanchine, Mitchell and Adams were known of the dispute of the convenient pas de deux in Agon. Arthur Mitchell dances after a while Diana Adams, in ways that brings their bodies into distinct points of apposition. Mitchell states, “He used our skin tones as separate of the choreography,”

Mitchell, was promoted to soloist in 1958 and chief in 1962. During the political hues move sundry Americans were incongruous to an interracial foreigner demonstrating any collectiveness apposition or extravagant gestures, distinctly in the South were a plethora of lynchings occurred repeatedly.