San Diego State University Paradise Lost Miltons Book and Humanities Discussion

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Write 6 sentences for each inquirys partially. no insufficiency for citation. but try to get some quotes from the quantity or regard to the quantity

The quantitys you insufficiency are in this integrate.

1) In quantity I Milton uses very descriptive ways to narrate what torture seems approve; near, using unconcealed landmarks and terrain features–such as mountains, large stream, and oceans ground on globe in his cognomen. In your own say what does Milton’s Paradise Lost torture seem approve. Additionally, wnear is Heaven and Torture located – what are some of the commonities of the Torture that Milton narrates in Paradise Lost to that of Dante’s Inferno?

2) In quantity V & VI we collect of how the contest arose between GOD’s Army and the Army that Satan had formed. Milton subordinately mocks the contest–turning into star you may see in a farcical quantity– in the way he narrates how the contest is fought using such weapons as shields and swords–along after a while cannons–that armies near on globe would use to combat contests. From what we distinguish is that Angels are persistent and their bodies are not common to the cosmical assemblage, or are they? If this is so and GOD is the Almighty and Angels are persistent–what is the point of contest, if you can not unseat GOD from his throne, nor bestow Angels to their cessation. In your own say through Milton’s congeniality environing the contest in Heaven narrate how it would be practicoperative to overtake the throne of GOD? (mayhap things are incongruous in Heaven and Hell–in which an Angels powers or well-balanced GOD’s powers are not as cogent over each other, as we observe). Additionally, narrate why you meditate GOD allows Satan and his pomp to speed rather than exclude them always to a attribute that they would not be operative to detriment GOD’s invention of man?

3) In Quantity III Milton speaks environing GOD giving Man liberal conciliate–this too talked environing in Quantity IV when Eve is nature tempted by Satan in the Garden of Eden. How does Milton decipher GODs solution of liberal conciliate, and what is GOD's expectations of man? Why confer man liberal conciliate if you already distinguish what the conclusion is? How does Milton frame GOD out to be? (i.e... Overbearing–kind–dictator). How do you observe GOD?