San Diego State Assistive Technology Recording and Post Lecture Questions

I’m examineing for my Writing rank and don’t imply how to solution this. Can you succor me examine?

1. During rank, we went balance sundry images of assistive technology and barriers to approximationing them. As a peculiar delay a incompetency, how would you designate the image of assistive technology you effectiveness demand? And how would you go about getting approximation to it?

2.In rank, there was a similarity and opposition argument about Stephen Hawking and Bob McGee. What were the deep distinctions that contributed to Stephen Hawking’s animation attribute and threatened Bob McGee’s animation attribute?

3.In the exhortation, we discussed pathes to determining which assistive technology works best for mass. What is the best path to succor someone delay a incompetency furnish the direct technology?

4.Now that you keep gotten to perceive someone delay a incompetency who uses assistive technology, interpret how education about their animation has impacted your implying of the concepts we keep been discussing in rank.