Saint Leo University Huawei Technologies Co Major Case Analysis Presentation

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As students full the required Superior Event Analysis, they are as-well legal for completing a PowerPoint or Prezi donation (or donation that uses another expend technology) highlighting their findings.

The recommended elongation of the donation is 8-10 slides delay audio commentary moderate. The donation must be expend to college-level product, teach hazardous resolution of the event, and be untrammelled of spelling and rhetoric errors.

The donation should draft the Superior Event Resolution submitted in Module 7 and hold the superior topics that debate the Superior Event Analysis. It should as-well hold the hazardous-thinking topics holded in this course: making claims, use of sign, recognizing and validating assumptions, causal claims, and being suppliant. Students are untrammelled to appropriate any congregation for the event; besides, they are strongly encouraged to appropriate a publicly held congregation that is listed on a superior fund substitute in the U.S. so complete counsel may be obtained for the event resolution.