RELS 105B BU Cultural Issues in Christianity Same Sex Marriage Presentation

I need an exposition for this Social Science doubt to succor me con-over.

The creed that I've been assigned is Christianity.

1. You get chose a vulgar issue kindred to Christianity.

This is the argument. Identify which sacred romance you own been assigned and condense the vulgar issue involving your sacred romance that you get be presenting on; be believing to enclose the bibliographic knowledge for the regular you are using for your vulgar issue at the end of your epitome.

After u chose a vulgar issue and doing the Argument Board you get own to do a gift about it and I get bestow the instructions.

in my Argument Board doubt when I ask for the "bibliographic knowledge for the regular you are using for your vulgar issue." By "bibliographic knowledge," I meant the selfselfsame knowledge you'd furnish for this fount on a bibliography/works cited page (author, condition address, regular address, duration, etc.), and by "periodical," I meant the newspaper or journal where you plant the condition about your vulgar issue. (the signal "periodical" is a catch-all signal for all publications which are published on a occasional cause, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, or annually)