PH 300 San Diego State University Community Needs Assessment Discussion

Can you acceleration me recognize this Writing theme?

Answer 2 themes:

1. Research Community Needs Assessment Resources in M7 Readings and fine one or two that you conceive would be most accelerationful to acceleration pilot your clump scheme effort. Explain your reasons. NOTE: You are not poor to those listed in the Resources minority so arrive-at exempt to do your own research!

2. After reviewing what a Community Needs Assessment consists of, what areas do you insufficiency further direction or direction on? (e.g. interviews, examine outgrowth, etc.)

The criteria for the brochures are as follows:

  • Be a reflecting of deeper cogitation or conviction environing star said, discover, presented or discussed in systematize or in the discoverings, videos or podcasts. If we expert it then it is disclosed for a argument.
  • Must specific an conviction or arrive-ating environing a theme, cannot be a sincere abridgment of a theme.
  • Be 600-1000 opinion I succeed not discover or walk a brochure that is further or hither than this signal calculate. This is not tyrannical. If you were to live into notorious vigor as a scene you succeed frequently be asked to transcribe to a signal calculate.
  • You can use any font, font bulk or formatting you crave-for as crave as I can discover it.
  • Do not get caught up in language, spelling or construction. This is meant as a way for you to opine and conceive environing the representative, not an sample of writing diction and luxuriance.