OCC Understanding Yourself and Others An Introduction to Temperament Worksheet

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Q.1 This semester in LEAD 302, we are prelude to gather that while fight may show to be specific, it is really the specificity of the peculiar that may not suit after a while our disposition. Using Bruce Tuckman's Team Development Model, in at smallest 250 utterance, state your induced motivator plan (i.e., disposition), decipher why fights arise and what you conciliate do in the advenient to convert fights among yourself and peculiars after a while induced motivator plans that are incongruous from yours.

Q.2 Using the chart/table beneath (adapted from Page 37 of your workbook), BRIEFLY collate yourself after a while some special who has a DIFFERENT "home base" disposition than yours to criticize ways in which you are incongruous ... and common ... and how you energy recognize and charm practice of those differences!

Q.3 BEST JOB/WORST JOB (Green Workbook, Page 7) - jot down some notes in your workbook, then prepare in the TABLE

Q.4 Read the 2 page descriptions of each of the 4 dispositions in your GREEN WORKBOOK, on pages 10-17.

Then - FOR EACH TEMPERAMENT, and in the TABLE BELOW - invade some notes about "WHAT FITS YOU" and identify/name some "PEOPLE YOU KNOW" (who energy fit that disposition).