Northcentral University Week 4 Classroom Management Theory Research Paper

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Week 4 - Assignment: Direct Theories Concerning Classroom Superintendence to Instruction

Begin this assignment by balbutiation the assigned doctrines. You obtain prime one theorist from Week 3 (Redl, Wattenberg, or Kounin) and one theorist from this week’s balbutiations (Dreikurs, Glasser, or Ginott). You obtain direct what you recognize concerning these theories in a exploration brochure that compares and contrasts the two theorists.

  • Find and recognize at meanest three affixed peer-reviewed doctrines concerning one theorist from Week 3 (Fritz Redl, William Wattenberg, or Jacob Kounin) and one from this week (Rudolf Dreikurs, William Glasser, or Haim Ginott).
  • Apply what you enjoy recognize terminal week, and what you enjoy recognize this week to transcribe a exploration brochure that compares and contrasts the performance of the two theorists you enjoy selected.
  • Consider how the theories are implemented, which practitioners use these theories, and why these theories are essential.
  • Prepare a exploration brochure that contains three citations and allusions for each of the two theorists. This obtain be a sum of six peer-reviewed narrative doctrines.
  • Discuss how these theorists’ ideas enjoy shaped classroom superintendence to advice in PK-12 classrooms.
  • This exploration brochure must reveal apprehension, application, segregation, duty, and integration of the exploration you discover on the curriculum theorists of your exquisite.
  • In the brochure, fashion confident to avow how these theories would be applied to educational usage.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including the heading and allusion pages.

References: Minimum of five read resources.

Your brochure should reveal contemplative importance of the ideas and concepts presented in the round by providing new thoughts and insights touching promptly to this subject. Your vindication should cogitate read writing and popular APA standards where misappropriate. Be confident to unite to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.