MGT 623 Troy University Behavior Management & Intellectual Disability Essay

I don’t know this Treatment interrogation and scarcity acceleration to examine.

For this assignment you earn sonorous your comportment treatment philosophy by creating a donation on your beliefs and practices for addressing gross collocate and single comportment treatment in your running or preferred collocateroom environment. The donation should be intentional for an conference of a of-late assigned co-teacher or paraprofessional who earn be collaborating after a while you in your collocateroom (running collocateroom or preferred). The donation should apprehend:

  1. Class Description (running or preferred)
    1. Grade level
    2. Number of scholars
    3. Exceptionalities represented, including a argument demonstrating knowing of how exceptionalities may interact after a while crop and amelioration.
    4. Other dissimilarity represented, including a argument demonstrating knowing of how discourse, amelioration, and extraction setting bias the amelioration of singles after a whilein the collocateroom.
  1. Philosophy of Comportment Management:
    1. Clearly sonorous your philosophy on gross-collocate and single comportment treatment and sift-canvass the elimination and method enlightening your beliefs.
      1. How you earn produce a protected, additive, and culturally obedient environment that fosters absolute political interactions and single well-being?
      2. What are your beliefs environing the connection betwixt motivation, comportment, and academics?
      3. How earn you explain/define the concept of “fairness” in your collocateroom?
      4. How earn you set up your collocateroom and how does your philosophy enlighten the tangible layout of the collocateroom?
  1. Core Components
    1. Classroom rules
    2. Classroom procedures
    3. System of rewards and consequences (tiered)
    4. Record guardianship method
  1. Collaboration
    1. Explain how you earn disclose and collaborate after a while other educators (e.g., co-teachers, paraprofessionals, other teachers (e.g., art, melody, etc.) and connected employment provides to determine solidity and implementation truthfulness opposite settings.
  1. Communication
    1. Explain the method for ongoing message betwixt discipline and settlement environing single scholar comportment.
    2. Include an sample of your primal communication settlement to parents little explaining:
      1. Your comportment treatment philosophy
      2. How gross collocate and single comportment earn be addressed in the collocateroom
      3. How enlightenation environing scholar comportment earn be disclosed throughout the year
  2. Laws
    1. Summarize the laws and policies that contact decisions environing scholars after a while disabilities including IDEA, FAPE, MDR, and LRE.

The donation must thrive running APA formatting standards and apprehend a stint of 20 slides and at lowest 5 references/in-text citations