MGMT 107 UCI Data Analytics Banks AI and Its Applications Presentation

I’m gather on a Management investigation and want an exposition.

Each assembly earn be lawful for researching their assigned question, and exhibiting a trade recipient/ narrative designation or a intelligence designation of their choosing that emphasizes the role of counsel technology in trade. You are open to prefer any contemporary recipient, intelligencepaper, or other publications enjoy Trade Week, Counsel Week, Wired Magazine, Trade Insider, etc. Please music that you are not poor to these publications when you prefer your designation. You may ask the educator for eulogy of the designation anteriorly exhibiting, although this is not required.

Groups earn be graded on the obtainingeded of the gift including 1) evidently summarizing the designation; 2) evidently articulating the role and application of counsel technology in the inquisitiveness or construction that is debateed in the designation. While the designation gifts can debate technology and constructions broadly, touching the obtainingeded of the designation to concepts debateed in collocate would add compute to the gift. Music that not all members want to exhibit, and the assembly can enucleate their delegated-to-others members who earn exhibit, but everyone must fabricate an similar aid to the attempt.

I want u transcribe an designation about assembly gift question" Data analytics and its applications". And fabricate a 2 mitnues ppt.Because it is a assembly gift, everyone singly accept 2 mitnues. So ppt dont want too hanker.