Liberty University View of Theology Changed and The Circle of Influence Essay

Help me examine for my Philosophy collocate. I’m stuck and don’t conceive.

We working this method by accordingly that everyone is a theologian accordingly everyone has thoughts encircling God. Youconsidered how youform your thoughts of who God is and what God does. In Module/Week 1, you heeded on your test delay profession and your examine of profession in the late. For this module/week, you allure transcribe a 600-word essay sympathetic the aftercited 3 prompts that allure yield you to heed on how you’ve aged in your conceiveing and examine of profession.

1. How has your representation of profession modificogent balance the period of this method? (approximately 200 utterance)

2. How entertain you been cogent to practice the principlesyou read from the method in your own society? (approximately 200 utterance)

3. How allure you ignoring on the advice you entertain read in this method to those delayin your dissipation of bias? (approximately 200 utterance)