IDST 473 Bethel University Liberal Arts The Craft Research Discussion

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Discussion 1

Craft of Research_, Chs. 1-2: Research, Researchers, and Reading

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Read delay wariness chapters 1 and 2 of our career textbook, The Craft of Research. As you do so, communicate near your rolling decomposition of the authors' arguments, and pledge your colleagues in this career as they do the similar. According to The Craft, why do we do lore, for whose boon, and what role do laws of empathy and ethics play, according to these authors, in good-tempered-tempered lore and answerableness? Do you see any coincidence among what they warning and the orthodox law of "the lucky administration,"as it is popularly denominated, the notion that, as Jesus put it, one should "do unto others as you would possess them do unto you?" How does that law allot in loreing, answerableness, and presenting results?