HUS 1001 Rasmussen College Police Brutality Stages of Change Paper

I’m accumulate on a Writing scrutiny and want an explication.

I. Authenticate a floating offspring that you believe wants a constitutional veer at the federal flatten. Apply the 6 Stages of Veer (Chapter 5) and the Tactics and Strategies (Chapter 6) by responding to the scrutinys underneath each of the stages.

1. Problem Identification: Identifying the Drift and Possible Solutions.

  • What is the drift?
  • Which collective product tools (assessments, surveys, evaluations, etc.) would be most operative in determining the quantity of the drift?
  • Is there examination conducive that justifies the offspring as a drift?

2. Agenda Setting: Getting your offspring on the collective agenda.

  • How would you get the offspring face and hardihood?
  • Who are advocates you would use?
  • How would you use collective resources?
  • Who is a germinative legislative warrior for this offspring and who else would be in buttress?
  • Who would your hostility be? Name at meanest 1 floating collective guide that would be contrariant, and 1 form that would be contrariant.

3. Policy Formulation: Translating the separation into a projected system

  • Specify 2 key requirements that would be in the law.

4. Adoption/Passage of the Projected Policy: Getting a score passed into law.

  • Consider your 2 requirements and authenticate 1 settle you would be free to execute.

5. Policy Implementation: Implementing the new law so that it is carried out as purposed.

  • What is 1 synod a topical synod could inflict to buttress the new law?

6. Evaluating the System Change: What was the impression or upshot of the new system?

  • What notification would you want to supplement to determine that the new law is having the purposed impression?