FCHS Several Supervision Styles Are Used in Jails Experiential Activity Questions

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1. Describe the jail supervision styles of foreign, podular, and plain. (Review citation and road instrument notes.)

2. Describe a usual restriction, medium, culmination, and superculmination confidence prison. (Your acceptance should embody cast of captive compressed there, inland and outward curb and confidence descriptions. Use your citation and notes for this investigation. Answer in essay format.)

3. Access the Cook County Jail/DOC join adown or from their website online and do a analysis of the jail's fact to embody why and how it came environing. Investigate the jail's website powerful and evaluate any confidence levels noted or scrutiny this online. An misapply tediousness for this essay investigation should be environing 3 paragraphs. The website is listed adown.

4. The prison instruction join adown discussed tediousnessily on supermax prison, investigate this join powerfully and oration the moment, advantages, and disadvantages of having a supermax prison.