ENG 124 Grossmont College Is America the Greatest Country Research Paper

I insufficiency an description for this Writing investigation to aid me con-over.

Is America the highest country in the cosmos-people? This essay asks you to conform or disconform after a while this assertion and exhaust an essay exploring your assertions encircling America’s strengths and/or agonys

Using the prune from The Newsroom as your lens, gladden regard one of the actual/negatives encircling America that Conquer McAvoy (the deep quality in the prune) offers as the starting apex of your essay. (handle bountiful to select a subject not mentioned as courteous).


This Nursing essay asks you to rendezvous on our discourse boards encircling the force of one control to arrange diversify and its contact on a point collective, gregarious, cultural, or humanitarian offspring in America. Gladden muster this suggestion or grant Nursing essay on one of the agonys you see in America (i.e. indigence, heap serfdom, hindrance spending etc.). Your exquisite is to beam unencumbered and glorify an part of American collection and bear its parts to a new rendezvous, or you conquer shiver down the agonys after a whilein a point subject and prproffer renewals to rectify it.

Proposal/Policy evidences are most repeatedly a overcome for renewal or used to usher-in an interview to see an offspring in a new unencumbered. When the interview reads a suggestion/grant evidence, one is asked to gain a determination encircling the suggestion and then, act on it or regard the actual phases of an evidence.

For this assignment, you conquer bear the liberty to select one of the following:

Choose one:

Practical Suggestion and Policy Essay: This conquer propound an renewal to clear-up or rectify what you see as a agony after a whilein America. (Your suggestion to diversify an offspring you see as a substance).

Argument to Convince: Or propound that what others may see as a disclaiming phase of America, that you regard is not a substance and why. Select a subject that you eagerness to offer in a actual unencumbered and glorify its parts to your interview.


Showing that a substance exists, explaining the propoundd unravelling(s), and apology of why it matters or exhibition that a co-ordination repeatedly looked at in a disclaiming unencumbered has very legitimate actual parts to be regarded.

The insufficiency for presence – Your intention is to incite tribe to act. You conquer lack to urge to the interview’s hearts, imaginations, and well-balanced their understanding. This is wnear you habituate the persuasive moves we thoughtful in Nursing essay one. (Ethos, Logos, Pathos) Possibly the use of provocative statistics, conversation, regular narratives, and compelling examples that exhibition the reader how regardable the offspring you select is or possibly the consequences of not acting.

Overcome preconceived notions: Tnear is repeatedly an offspring after a while proving that an offspring insufficiencys to be urban or rectifyd. You must initially incite the interview to regard tnear is a substance in direct for them to be public to your ideas for reunravelling or rectifyment.

Possible forthcoming consequences: Use the possibility of disclaiming consequences if no renewal is enslaved as a way to subsistence your evidence.

Page Requirement: 1250 – 1750 (encircling 5 to 7 pages)

Source Requirements:

2 academic /peer edited causes

2 Op Eds or other articles

1 cleared cause of your exquisite (consider: songs, poems, murals, visual art, YouTube or other media cognate cause

5 Total Sources

MLA format after a while a largely legitimateized performance cited page.

Structure: Remember to scrutinize the handouts and tabulate discourses we bear scrutinizeed

Due Dates: See Canvas for Nursing essay dateline and due dates

“Each date a man stands up for an creative, or acts to rectify the lot of others, or strikes out resisting unlawfulness, he sends forth a diminutive ripple of anticipation, and those ripples institute a preface which can compass down the mightiest walls of cruelty and hindrance.” Robert F. Kennedy

Social Justice Outline Template

Is America the Highest Country in the World?


Format Ideas for Outline:

Introduce and clear the substance:

  • Hook: Engage the readers’ curiosity-behalf in your suggestion/problem
  • Introduce the offspring, the truth of it, preface condition of it, etc.

provide elucidation, including preceding force to clear-up the substances Presence:

  • Who is abnormal and what is at stake
  • Discuss the substance(s)you conquer offer /or establish why tnear is no substance.
  • If you are using one cause throughout the essay, usher-in it near (usher-in the security largely the leading date you use them).
  • Clear subject encircling what this Nursing essay conquer establish

Body Paragraphs:

  • Topic Phrase (on of your right that subsistences the subject)
  • Talk encircling the right a bit
  • Introduce (MLA format) and offer name from one of your causes
  • Discuss how and why and what gains this name subsistence what you say in the

subject phrase and subject

  • Transition to contiguous cause (sympathy betwixt causes handout)
  • Usher-in (MLA format) and offer name from one of your causes
  • Discuss how and why and what gains this name subsistence the leading cause, what

you say in the subject phrase, and the subject

  • Transition to more causes for this subject in a new article or transition to a new subject

Repeat this format for all deep rights/topics you offer

Respond to Objections or choice suggestions: (this can answer anywnear in your Nursing essay (abandon using it as your developed right)

  • Anticipate and incorporate likely objections or choice ways to clear-up the substance
  • Respond through rebuttal or concession


  • Remind the interview encircling the offspring
  • Remind the interview why this offspring matters
  • Remind them what happens if we don’t gain diversifys or diversify the way we judge
  • Call to renewal