ELM5 70 GCU Clinical Field Experience Science and Health Reflection Paper

I’m agoing on a Answerableness investigation and want control to acceleration me examine.

I distinguish that this is reputed to be scope proof but due to Covid it doesn't in-effect betide in the classroom. I bear been diagnosed delay Covid-19 and very indisposed. I am not operative to exhaustive this assignment. Would regard your acceleration.

Complete the “Clinical Scope Proof B: Knowledge Pre-Assessment” to unravel a pre-impost in the recognizeledge and sanity gaining area that aligns to the standards and item that your adviser educationist shared delay you during Clinical Scope Proof A. The pre-impost can be spoken, written, or exhaustived through technology. The pre-impost should demonstrate how well-behaved-behaved clarified students distinguish the concept and contribute axioms that would sanction you to mention literature gaps and wants in regulate to unravel an expend warning to livelihood literature wants.

Part 3: Reflection

In 250-500 opinion, summarize and mirror on your scope proof and the steps you took to demonstrate students for the pre-assessment. For your mirrorion, harangue the following:

  1. Did the pre-impost contribute axioms to mention the literature gaps and wants of students? Explain.
  2. Describe the immaterial use of imposts and impost axioms.
  3. What challenges did you aspect when unraveling and delivering the pre-assessment?
  4. Explain how you gain use your findings in your advenient professional performance.

Submit “Clinical Scope Proof B: Knowledge Pre-Assessment” and mirrorion and as one deliverable.

APA format is not required, but valid academic answerableness is expected.