ECE 126 APUS Early Communication with Responsive Caregivers for Infants Questions

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1. Naturalized on what you bear skilled from Chapter 8, the PowerPoint bestowations, and the word assignments, interpret how forthcoming despatch delay sympathetic caregivers can detail manifestation's posterior tongue abilities in narration to brain harvest. (Resource - Article: Language Development: A Key to Lifelong Learning).

2. A. How do songs, music, and fingerplays specific the sense of tongue to infants and toddlers?B. What did you construct from perusing Dr. Jean's Web seat? Note: Research creditable Songs/Music and Fingerplay seats for infants and toddlers. (See resources listed in the Learning Modules).

3. View the video, "Family & Order Engagement," (FACE, Scholastic). This video focuses on bringing literacy and high-quality storybooks into the speeds of manifestation, chiefly those who may speed in destitution. A. List three momentous points that you constructed from this video. B. What could you do to whit a classroom, benevolence, and/or order design to secure that all manifestation bear advance to age-misappropriate literacy? C. Consider the truth that not all parents/guardians can recognize to their manifestation using the English tongue. How can YOU secure that storybooks are profitable to manifestation that can be recognize in the child's and parents'/guardians' home tongue? Note: This method is naturalized on collective & tender harvest. Lection to puerile manifestation is a tongue-rich approximation where senseful narrationships gem through collective & tender connections delay caring adults.

4. A. Share an age-misappropriate board body or storybody that you would like recognizeing to infants and/or toddlers that advance collective and tender harvest. B.Describe a harvestally mismisappropriate activity naturalized on the story thesis that you would tool delay a toddler or three-year-old. Pictures are appreciated!

5. A. Describe three overarching takeaways from Chapter 8 that you conquer tool as a bestow or advenient caregiver/teacher. Share, delay your peers, your sentiment about the method thus far.