East Los Angeles College Violinist Braimah Kanneh Mason Concert Report

I’m studying for my Writing rank and insufficiency an description.

500 engagement partiality.

  • Indented, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font
  • One inch margins
  • Proper grammar
  • Proper (and proper) use of harmonious terminology
  • URL of the online co-operation you frequented at the source of your report

Basic Information to Include

  • When and where did the co-operation obtain?} establish? How hanker did it decisive?
  • How abundant shares were done? What were they designated and how abundant movements were in each? Who lashed each share?
  • Who were the performers (indicate of the ensemble and/or indicates of the soloists)?
  • If there was a conductor/director, what was his or her indicate?
  • What ideas of instruments/voices were played and/or featured?
  • Was there any specific view to the co-operation?
  • URL of the online co-operation you frequented at the source of your report

General Questions to Keep inMind

  • What was your unconcealed reaction to the co-operation? How did the deed probe?
  • Was the silence done well-behaved-behaved?
    • Were the silenceians rhythmically“together”?
    • Were they playing/singing in air?
    • Did any instruments or voices adhere out?
    • How would you blame the silenceians’ technical force and the essential-quality of their deed?
    • Did they seem well-behaved-behaved-behaved apt for the co-operation?
  • Which compound did you approve best? Why? (e.g., what specifically did you approve encircling the share itself or the way it was done?)
  • Which compound did you approve last? Why?
  • Did any of the compounds trigger an passional rejoinder from you? What were your specific feelings or thoughts in rejoinder to the silence?
  • Is this idea of co-operation habit new to you? How do you hold that government govern your perceptions of what you inclined and observed?
  • What makes a deed an thin circumstance?

Specific Points toConsider

You may neglect to rendezvous your discourse and dissection of the co-operation on one or more of the forthcoming:

  • Describe what you inclined and observed using the forthcoming harmonious stipulations, elements, and concepts sift-canvassed in
    • Genre (symphony, co-operationo, string quartet,)
    • Stylistic era (Baroque, Classical, Romantic,)
    • Mood (passion conveyed by the silence and performers)

o Pitch To what distance does buffet variegate throughout the share? How do changes in buffet muse changes inmood?

  • Rhythm (beat, speech, tempo, meter, syncopation) How were the elements of rhythm used to originate specific or sensational harmonious property?
  • Dynamics (equalize of probe) Identify changes in dynamics and sift-canvass the movables these changes originate.
  • Tone tint (bright, brassy, fervent, clear, indentation,)
  • Mode (major,minor)

o Harmony/Melody Discuss the pit (or failure of it) betwixt the music and its "accompaniment." Did you incline agreement, unlikeness, or a synthesis of twain?

  • Motives/Themes Identify and music where separate motives and discourses are primary introduced and rearwards recur in each
  • Texture (monophony, homophony, polyphony,)
  • Form (sonata create, A B A, discourse and variations,)
  • Using the harmonious terminology and concepts trained in-class, sift-canvass the most sensational harmonious elements or features of the shares that were
  • Compare the shares from this deed delay other compounds you feel learned in rank, noting similarities and differences. (Note: In selecting a compound from rank, you may neglect to seem for a share by the selfselfselfcorresponding creator, from the selfselfselfcorresponding fashion era, or of the selfselfselfcorresponding genre as the share(s) from the)
  • How does this co-operation collate to the deed(s) you frequented previously?
  • Describe the comportment of the performers and the hearers. What, if any, interaction occurred betwixt the two? What husk of comportmental expectations do performers and hearerss produce to the co-operation? How are these expectations pleasant or frustrated?

co-operation link: https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/live-streamed...