East Los Angeles College Process and Product Art Experiences Discussion

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Child Development 3

Teacher’s Role in creating daily beautiful assortroom experiences

Please discuss the contrariety betwixt system vs. work art experiences.

Give examples of work focused art (involve images from online sources)

Give examples of system focused art (involve online images, or your own art pieces)

How can teachers escape the “cookie cutter” matching works of “art”?

What skin of alternatives can you offer?

What are the challenges teachers visage in allowing creativity in the assortroom?

Lastly, content involve how teachers can constitute art culturally pertinent for the children in their prevention.

Book Reflection #2 Format:

Must be typed

Must be 2-3 pages in length

Must be inclose spaced

Must use gauge English

Must be bulk 12 font

Turned in 10/5 for ample credit