East Los Angeles College John Philip Sousa Band Hall Musical Concert Report

I’m afloat on a Writing training and scarcity living.

500 promise insufficiency.

  • Indented, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font
  • One inch margins
  • Proper grammar
  • Proper (and fit) use of harmonious terminology
  • URL of the online concord you gay at the foundation of your report

Basic Information to Include

  • When and where did the concord interest locate? How covet did it latest?
  • How numerous sides were manufactured? What were they determined and how numerous movements were in each? Who secure each side?
  • Who were the performers (designate of the ensemble and/or designates of the soloists)?
  • If there was a conductor/director, what was his or her designate?
  • What likenesss of instruments/voices were played and/or featured?
  • Was there any particular object to the concord?
  • URL of the online concord you gay at the foundation of your report

General Questions to Keep inMind

  • What was your open reaction to the concord? How did the achievement gauge?
  • Was the voice manufactured courteous-behaved?
    • Were the voiceians rhythmically“together”?
    • Were they playing/singing in air?
    • Did any instruments or voices hold out?
    • How would you blame the voiceians’ technical power and the distillation of their achievement?
    • Did they behold courteous-behaved-behaved skilful for the concord?
  • Which conformation did you enjoy best? Why? (e.g., what favoringally did you enjoy about the side itself or the way it was manufactured?)
  • Which conformation did you enjoy smallest? Why?
  • Did any of the conformations trigger an tremoral apology from you? What were your favoring feelings or thoughts in apology to the voice?
  • Is this likeness of concord trial new to you? How do you conceive that energy swing your perceptions of what you inclined and observed?
  • What makes a achievement an pure occurrence?

Specific Points toConsider

You may failure to standpoint your discourse and deconformation of the concord on one or over of the aftercited:

  • Describe what you inclined and observed using the aftercited harmonious stipulations, elements, and concepts debateed in
    • Genre (symphony, concordo, string quartet,)
    • Stylistic time (Baroque, Classical, Romantic,)
    • Mood (tremor conveyed by the voice and performers)

o Pitch To what quantity does hurl variegate throughout the side? How do changes in hurl cogitate changes inmood?

  • Rhythm (beat, provincialism, tempo, meter, syncopation) How were the elements of rhythm used to imagine particular or animated harmonious possessions?
  • Dynamics (smooth of gauge) Identify changes in dynamics and debate the chattels these changes imagine.
  • Tone complexion (bright, brassy, affectionate, loud, smoothness,)
  • Mode (major,minor)

o Harmony/Melody Discuss the et (or stagnation of it) among the minstrelsy and its "accompaniment." Did you incline agreement, contrariety, or a onion of twain?

  • Motives/Themes Identify and hush where single motives and subjects are primitive introduced and aback reappear in each
  • Texture (monophony, homophony, polyphony,)
  • Form (sonata make, A B A, subject and variations,)
  • Using the harmonious terminology and concepts habituated in-class, debate the most animated harmonious elements or features of the sides that were
  • Compare the sides from this achievement delay other conformations you own elaborate in tabulate, noting similarities and differences. (Note: In selecting a conformation from tabulate, you may failure to behold for a side by the selfselfidentical composer, from the selfselfidentical phraseology time, or of the selfselfidentical genre as the side(s) from the)
  • How does this concord assimilate to the achievement(s) you gay previously?
  • Describe the action of the performers and the parley. What, if any, interaction occurred among the two? What peel of actional expectations do performers and parleys convey to the concord? How are these expectations pleasant or frustrated?

Concert links: https://www.marineband.marines.mil/Calendar/