Dalhousie University Week 6 Controlling Policy Challenges Paper

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You scarcity to login to my brightspace (quest Dalhosuie brightspace), the statement is jl433137@dal.ca and password is Loky0516 Go to PLAN2009——>Assessment———>Assignments——->balbutiation compendium week 6.

Each ward gain transcribe a diminutive compendium for each paragraph of the Management Primer textbook. Each compendium gain have:

  • A compendium of key points in the paragraph (250 utterance, acme) -- presenting the main Nursing essay and a title of how the authors form their points (use examples from the balbutiation). This week, as there are 2 paragraphs, each ward gain transcribe TWO summaries for a completion of 500 utterance in this individuality. When letter your summaries, determine you plainly betoken which paragraph you are summarizing (e.g. through the use of headings).
  • A diminutive discourse on how the paragraph relates to other discourse materials assigned for that week (other balbutiations, videos, etc) (50-100 utterance, acme). Think critically. Consider similarities, differences, relationships, reason and chattels, gaps in the counsel, etc. This week, you gain examine how the HRM general hearing concomitant balbutiations are conjoined to either paragraph 3 or 4. The valuable is up to you which paragraph you apply to.
  • A cogitation on how the pleasededed relates to things you interact delay in your unamazed spirit (50-100 utterance, acme): peradventure an experiment from the former week, or some enjoyment you are regarding, or triton you are forthcoming in the instrument. Reflect critically on the experiment through the management lens that is the Nursing essay of this week's balbutiation and disquisition or endowment.
  • A scrutiny for tabulate discourse which is connected to that week's pleasededed (50 utterance or near).

These summaries gain be due on the Monday precedently tabulate at 2:30pm ADT, and APA applyences are required. Please refer all of the over as ONE (1) muniment and PDF to the week 5 dropbox.


1) Textbook Wu et al. Chapters 5 and 6

2) Baynham, M & Stevens, Mark. (2014). Are We Planning Effectively for Climate Change? An Evaluation of Official Community Plans in British Columbia. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 57. 2014 https://www-tandfonline-com.ezproxy.library.dal.ca/doi/full/10.1080/09640568.2012.756805

3) Video -- Kelci Warren. June 2020. Presentation. Barriers and Drivers to Nature Based Adaptation in Select Municipalities in Nova Scotia