CUNY Lehman College The Boys of My Youth Book Report

I’m con-overing for my Literature class and don’t apprehend how to response this. Can you aid me con-over?

please response each doubt in 100 utterance or hither.

1) What do you acquire environing twain Trevor and his mother? What are they affect?

2) HOW does Noah style each of these two casts? By 'how' I do not average What are their casts affect?, you already responseed that aloft. But I average How does he finish castization in this relation? What techniques does he use to liberate the apprehendledge to the reader of what these two mob are affect?


3) How do you reach at the end of this relation?

4) How courteous do you reach you apprehend the casts? Which cast do you reach you apprehend best?

5) How does Beard style her ally Caroline (the ex-beauty queen) who aids after a while the encroachment of the squirrels? What do you apprehend environing Caroline?

6) How does Beard style the narrator's wife, who simply appears briefly in the relation. Compare his castization after a while that of the narrator's suspend ally, Chris, who was killed? How are they dissimilar styled?

please response the doubt beneath in 150 utterance or hither


Write a spectacle in which two mob are talking. Let the reader apprehend where they are (setting), but converge over on letting their dialog divulge their opposed casts. Let them be opposed kinds of mob. Make these your own casts. But keep them be opposed mob, and let the reader apprehend what they are affect, what their personalities are affect, through their aspect, actions, and oration.