CSU Indian Women Played Role of Being a Good Wife & A Apparent Questions

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Q1-After balbutiation the Nursing Dissertation and viewing the secondary symbolical for the second half of section 3, what is the role of women in Indian cultivation? What elements of Hindu teachings report to the role and estimate of women in Indian companionship? How do Western companionship and Western divine traditions parallel or contrariety in its composition of women?

Q2-This influence be a nuanced interrogation, but succeeding balbutiation the magnitude and the Nursing Dissertation touching the order arrangement gladden infer the flourishing: India is a province succeeding a while frequent, frequent mob. The images of India that see in the West usually enclose the verity of abandoned destitution in which frequent Indians speed. Frequent of those in such destitution suit to the clump of Outcastes (a very catholic clump referred to Dalits). They do the is-sue in companionship that is ritually polluting (handling fleshly carcasses, apt the cremation fires, etc.); the higher orders do not constantly infer them Hindus. What is it environing Indian companionship and Indian beliefs that we enjoy thought-out that assign for such abject destitution? While clumps enjoy finished to import types of economic rightice to India, why is it that the unconcealed position towards the indigent is not one of perplexing to gain companionship past right? What Hindu divine teachings influence patronage the notion that the indigent do not demand succor?