Criminal Justice Importance of Drug Abuse Treatment Report

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PAPER TOPIC: "Why Treatment is so exact in the population", (or-laws discovery in mid 1970's) attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Also some answerableness encircling OPIODS "

The tracts must embrace minute subject knowledge and apt synchronous details (e.g.: Elder Abuse, Batterers, LGTBq+ Partner Violence, etc. ). Allusion the Race Calendar for due bounds. Papers must be justly formatted using APA standards (6th Ed.). Each tract is value 25 pts. Papers are to be submitted online only!!

The tracts must embrace: (1) denomination page, (2) allusion page, (3) 12-font, inclose spacing, (4) stint of three (3) comrade-reviewed sources. (5) No pictureless required.


Topic Information: 9 points (is the subject apt to the race? Is the knowledge current/synchronous posterity?)

Mechanics: 5 points (Proper phraseology, doom texture, good-natured-natured course of knowledge, reads polite)

APA format: 7 points (suited APA format (6th Ed.) compatible throughout the tract, including denomination, allusion page, in-text citations.

Followed Instructions: 4 points (harsh in by due bound? 5 pages in extension? Tract embraceed a stint of three comrade reviewed sources?)