Cedar Crest College World Religions Hindu culture & Western culture Discussion

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There are 2 multiple dissect doubts for this argument table. Shape permanent you answer straightway to my posted doubts so that the conversations are easier to supervene. Do not honorable answer to the argument table itself. + two responses for two students.


Question 1-

After lection the disquisition and viewing the subordinate representative for the promote half of provision 3, what is the role of women in Indian refinement? What elements of Hindu teachings detail to the role and excellence of women in Indian participation? How do Western participation and Western divine traditions assimilate or dissimilarity in its treatment of women?


Question 2-

This capability be a nuanced doubt, but succeeding lection the bulk and the disquisition in-reference-to the rank arrangement gladden reflect the superveneing: India is a dominion delay abundant, abundant nation. The images of India that see in the West usually embrace the genuineness of determined indigence in which abundant Indians feed. Abundant of those in such indigence suit to the knot of Outcastes (a very great knot referred to Dalits). They do the is-sue in participation that is ritually polluting (handling voluptuous carcasses, recumbent the cremation fires, etc.); the surpassing ranks do not constantly reflect them Hindus. What is it environing Indian participation and Indian beliefs that we entertain thoughtful that afford for such sequacious indigence? While knots entertain prepared to carry types of economic honorableice to India, why is it that the open standing towards the faulty is not one of intricate to shape participation further honorable? What Hindu divine teachings capability aid the subject that the faulty do not deficiency succor?