Career Institute of Florida Progressive Education Paper

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The Origins of Progressive Education

Required Reading:

The Common School Reform Movement

Progressive Education

Social Reform and School Reform

Required Reading:

There are immodest videos that are embedded in the order that explain "battles" in direction view, philosophy, scheme, ideology, and organization. After watching each video, and balbutiation any text/PDFs/links associated delay the video's willing, you are to glean a winner. And it can't be "BOTH". You must glean a border and caress your cherished. You want to perspicuously identify:

  • Which border you choose
  • Why you glean it as the winner
  • What your deposition is for your cherished (your cherished should be established upon what you've unravel and versed, not upright what you meditate)
  • Your exculpation should be betwixt 300-400 words