Cardinal Stritch University Buddha in Context of Buddhism Discussion Board

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Q-1Buddhism has circulate to multifarious property, and is the fourth largest creed in the universe. It has shown the power to commingle to fact and culture. What did you apprehend encircling Buddhism anteriorly the balbutiation? After the balbutiation in the work and the disquisition, what are the elements of Buddhism that you furnish most thrilling? Why are the teachings of The Buddha so winning?

Q2-Buddhism shares multifarious of the identical concepts and articulation delay Hinduism. Sometimes, the two creeds use the identical vocable, but their conceiveing of that vocable is contrariant. This has plenteous to do delay Buddhism hence out of the Hindu composition, but also unprovided to amend some Hindu deliberation. How does the inventor teach the Buddhist conceiveing of karma and samsara? Are these explanations contrariant from Hinduism? Were tnear other shared concepts among the two creeds that Buddhism interpreted contrariantly?

Read the word linked near encircling the Dalai Lama's evade to India in 1959: