Bergen Community College 2016 Broadway Production of Hamilton Analytical Review

I’m collect on a Writing scrutiny and scantiness an interpretation.

Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, and Tap (continued)

  • Assignment #14

Look online for a published (written) critique of the Broadway evolution of Hamilton. (Hint: If you don’t experience anything in a Google exploration, try The New York Times at (Links to an superficial seat.). You can so exploration newspapers and journals through the University library website.) If you entertain any doubts whether you entertain set-up a critique or not, despatch the associate to me to obstruct antecedently you round in the assignment.

Send me the associate to the critique.

Describe the critique: Was it definitive or indirect? Did it recite theorys? If so, afford an issue. Did it recite basis? If so, afford an issue. Did the critiqueer relate the evolution? How so? Would this critique establish you scantiness to see the appearance or not? You scantiness to defense each of the aloft scrutinys to hold bountiful security.

Tip: A certainty is star that is irrefutable affect "My settlement address is in New York City." An theory is star that recites a determination or has a summit of inspection affect "I kindness my settlement in New York City."


Homework Scrutiny Rubric (1)

Homework Scrutiny Rubric (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This touchstone is associateed to a Learning OutcomeAnswering Questions

3.0 pts

Addresses each view of the scrutiny/assignment bountifuly, correspondently and delay point as polite as using issues from textbook and/or video where ry.

2.0 pts

Addresses each view of the scrutiny/assignment slightly, but reply lacks point and/or issues.

1.0 pts

Answers some view of the scrutiny/assignment, but magnitude of the reply are incorrect.

0.0 pts

Does not defense scrutiny or defenses entirely incorrectly.