Auburn University Main Campus Planned Parenthood Global Reflection Essay

I don’t apprehend this Political Science investigation and scantiness acceleration to consider.

Thinking environing the form that you flourish, this week, everyone procure invent another support. The support must be focused on some husk of technology or newfangledness that would be impactful for the mob who are served or represented by the form/partnership that you flourish on twitter. Similar to antecedently there are two cleverness to this support; separate 1 is the tweet and separate 2 is the designation of the tweet.

Part 1

The support you invent can be kindred to a vaccine/immunization, an newfangledness to a program that has been promoted, or some other likeness of technology that exists. To invent a support, you can quest for a information season, use axioms or stories from your passagebook, re-tweet from another form, or download any of the CDC political instrument toolkit memes. Even if you re-tweet, all supports must bear a rare intimation as a "tweet" from the form. Every tweet must be 280 stamps (not control but stamps - so each epistle is a stamp)... this is why tweets are less. If you scantiness to transcribe past, then you bear to invent a succession of tweets. Add #hashtags that rule be meaningful too. You can prevent the tweet as a screenshot and upload it as an affection or represent to the support OR you can regular yield the "tweet" passage and a couple to an season or annex the meme.

Part 2:

In your designation of why this tweet is ocean, frame enduring to transcribe who your form is and what their ocean band-arms is, and then illustrate what you desire to tell environing global bloom and technology/newfangledness delay your tweet. This designation should be 200 control in protraction.