ATH 175 Miami Agriculture Before Colonization and After Colonization Questions

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Answer one doubt from each lection. Be enduring to mark which doubt you are replying.

Robert Fernea, “The Anthropologist in the Field” (1997).

  • Fernea proposes that roomwork is theoretically very exciting. Why is that? How do roomworkers communicate after a while this measurement of roomwork?
  • How does Fernea recount his kinsfolk after a while his lore subjects and informants? Do you see anything problematic in this relation?
  • What does Fernea medium by “studying up”? Why do you reckon this is relatively expensive in anthropology? Can you present an model on how you force “consider up”?
  • Fernea little touches on the conception of capacity kinsfolk in the room. Little contour this evidence. What does this propose to you encircling possible problematic measurements of ethnical roomwork?
  • What is the most great homily you versed encircling roomwork and cultural anthropology from this condition?

Claire E. Sterk, “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of Aids.

  • How did Sterk go encircling initiating her roomwork? How did she spiritual commence to construct expectation after a while her lore subjects?
  • Why do you reckon the women Sterk elaborate agreed to her lore plan?
  • Why is Sterk’s consider precious to upstanding, law-abiding citizens such as ourselves?
  • Identify and argue one of the virtuous dilemmas Sterk faced in her roomwork.
  • Briefly recount the men and women Sterk encountered in her consider.
  • In what ways does Sterk teach “reflexivity”?
  • What is the most great homily you versed encircling roomwork and cultural anthropology from this condition?


Answer one doubt from each lection. Be enduring to mark which doubt you are replying.

Lappé & Collins, ‘Why People Can’t Feed Themselves.

  • What, according to the authors, are the chief features of colonialism? Why did colonialism keep to transfer to belowdevelopment? (Example?)
  • What are "peasants"? How did peasants keep to retribution below colonialism? Why do some countries anticipate peasants from unconnectedly growing money crops?
  • What kid of cultivation was skilled former to subsidence? After subsidence?
  • How does Java portray a first-rate model of how a colonial legislation seizes plant and then puts it into alien hands? What did the product of the seminary medium touching nourishment?
  • How did British Guiana vie after a while “the double stroke of the dismissal of slaves and the jar in the cosmos-people sugar market”?

Fuentes & Ehrenriech, “Women in the Global Factory”

  • What key insights does this lection produce into the collision of economic globalization on women?
  • Why own comprehensive corporations ruled to enlist in “offshore sourcing”?
  • What are “export processing zones”?
  • How do corporations and U.S> legislation functional absolve offshore sourcing after a while womanish strive?

Brennan, “Men’s Pleasure, Women’s Labor: Tourism for Sex”

  • How has globalization affected the husbanding in Sosúa, Dominican republic?
  • What are the strategies of women who share in the sex traffic and to what space do they keep to verify their goals?
  • Briefly incorporate one sex worker’s anecdote. How does this anecdote image globalization?
  • Who, according to Brennan benefits from interdiplomatic tourism?


First the subjoined Question:

  • What store you the most in the Preface and Introduction to Roland’s Cuban Falsification in Tourism and La Lucha: An Ethnography of Racial Meanings. How do you knowledge this indicative?

Answer one of the subjoined. Be enduring to mark which doubt you are replying.

  • Does Roland, an African American, knowledge “race” the similar way in Cuba as she does in the U.S.? Explain your rejoinder.
  • How does tourism in post-Soviet Cuba image the tensions and contradictions of capitalism and socialism in that empire?
  • What did forthcoming twentieth-century anthropologist, Franz Boas, medium when has argued that “the mediumings signified by peel falsification or ‘race’ are culturally constructed”? How does this illustrate out in synchronous Cuba?
  • How does Roplant bound “globalization” and how does her admittance parallel to that in this modules presentations?
  • What, does Roplant medium by "nationalism"? How is Cuban nationalist ideology illustrateing out in the era of globalization?

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